Dudley Public Art

                                                                                                      This site has been set up to showcase the vast amount of art in all its forms that can be seen within the Dudley Borough. I am trying to make it as complete as possible and although it is nominally titled 'Public' art there are some items that permission is needed to gain access to, but they are not in private ownership which brings them under this umbrella. I have avoided religious items though a couple do slip through, I have also not included pieces of art that are primarily advertising, but occasionally I break that rule too.

Since commencing this project I have slowly been extending from Dudley into Sandwell which is now pretty much complete. Wolverhampton and Walsall boroughs will hopefully come next. The site name will however have to remain as it is despite the borders being extended to eventually cover the whole of the Black Country, Covid 19 permitting.

I am indebted to many local artists for their assistance in compiling as complete a site as possible but especially Steve Field, who is not only responsible for designing many of the pieces but also sources funding and promoting Art within Dudley. His support and knowledge has been invaluable in getting this project off the ground.

It is not complete, there are many items large and small I have on my 'to do' list, but if you know of anything that is missing please feel free to comment in the appropriate section at the end. The majority of photographs I have taken myself, those I have borrowed have been acknowledged accordingly.

Due to the nature of the site's script it is best viewed on a PC sized screen.

There is no facility on this site to leave comments or questions, feel free to contact me at bcarr4@aol.com




27.03.2021 14:00

Great Job Brian. Have done a fair amount of wandering about from Wolves out to Walsall and Brum, not so much South of Dudley so I've added a few ideas to my google maps. Long live the site!

Brian Carr

27.03.2021 17:50

Thanks James, its nice to have feedback like that. It is my intention once this world is somewhere near normal to explore Wolves and Walsall and get a complete art/sculpture of the Black country.

Peter Sainty

28.07.2020 16:52

I wondered if Dudley Metropolitan Council still operates a Public Art Resource Unit. I did have some communication from them in the past but it was a while back.

Brian Carr

28.07.2020 18:46

Steve Field is the borough's art supremo and based in Himley Hall, not sure if it is called an art resource unit but is definitely at the heart of the action


12.06.2020 14:10

Amazed at the volume and diverse nature of the Art . Fantastic study and historic collection beautifully captured

Geoff Cowley

15.05.2020 15:53

Dudley is clearly far more cultured and altruistic than I had hitherto considered. Apologies for my misconception!
Great images Brian.

Brian Carr

16.05.2020 23:32

Thanks Geoff, I am sure Dudley will accept your apology

Jan Huro

13.02.2020 11:10

Hi I am a local artist. Do you exhibit all kinds of art? Www.facebook.com/janhurpart Thanks

Brian Carr

16.05.2020 23:36

Sorry Jan, completely missed your question. How do you mean exhibit all kind of art? On this site it is just photos I have taken. What were you looking to do ?

Barbara Twiss

11.09.2019 10:10

Great photos Brian and so much diversity

Ryan upton

28.02.2019 18:46

Hiya mate It’s Ryan, we met the other day whilst I was on my way fishing, im hoping you managed to find the three stones, there’s a few other builds over there that you’d find interesting