Dudley town centre's more traditional sculpture from last century and further back


Mrs Jennifer Colquitt

18.05.2021 15:45

To Brian Carr - might I ask who you are? I am a long term resident of Dudley, my life has been spent in the Arts. Dudley Police station is unique - there can't be another one in the country like it

brian carr

18.05.2021 16:23

Hi Jennifer, message me at bcarr4@aol.com

Mrs Jennifer Colquitt

18.05.2021 09:37

What protection do Dudley Police Station Sculptures have in the event of the building being converted into residential accommodation?

Brian Carr

18.05.2021 10:34

interesting question Jennifer but I have absolutely no idea. Hopefully someone else viewing this site can answer you
or maybe the Council Planning dept can assist. Please let us know what you find out